Founded in 2014 by Kyle Matthews, Infamous Street Co. is a company rooted deep in street culture. With members hailing from New York, and headquarters in Rochester, street sports are no stranger to this group. Throughout its active years, it has made a name for itself as a high end streetwear company. Street sports and art are not a crime and should be embraced, and we set out to make that possible.

Over the years, Kyle has recruited the help of fellow skateboarders, BMX riders, designers, artists and activists to perfect this company's style and adapt to the ever-changing world.

Model Team: Bryant Barber, Matt Cassidy, DJ Hofstra, Jon Litto, Emily Lynah, Kyle Matthews, Sam Maynard, Rachel Miller, Tyler Parker, Gunnar Renz, Nate Riexinger, Meloni Witchen

Design Team: Emily Lynah, Rachel Miller, Kyle Matthews  

Photography Team: Kyle Matthews, Tyler Parker, Nick Ray

Street Team: Matt Cassidy, Luke Gerow, DJ Hofstra